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Guess Who's Coming To Dîner? - Style Observer

A chic appointment in white was the dictate on the social calendar as JUTC chartered buses snaked their way last Saturday evening through the capital's busy thoroughfares.

Aboard: guests styled to the nines in white-appropriate ensembles, en route to the return of the highly anticipated third staging of the flash-gather picnic, Le Dîner en Blanc Kingston.


Destination: a traditional well-kept surprise that this year — as the buses, dispatched from the Liguanea Club, Hope Gardens, and JMMB's Haughton Terrace locations — was revealed as Devon House as well-heeled passengers, toting picnic baskets disembarked, making ordered queues and blanketing the lawns in front of the Georgian-styled Kingston landmark mansion as a sea of white.

With tablescapes of floral arrangements to be done, china and silverware to be laid, and merriment a point of duty, the year's most elegant, stylized occasion saw Le Dîner en Blanc Kingston's table and gruop leaders guiding their dinner parties with aplomb through the rituals, and the en masse gathering enjoying gourmet eats and a celebratory mood under the evening sky.

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