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Diner En Blanc Kgn 2019 Do's & Donts

Most newcomers to Le Dîner en Blanc – Kingston are more than likely wondering what to expect, and perhaps most importantly, what to wear. To help you plan your all-in-white occasion, we turned to three Dîner en Blanc veterans - Angelie Spencer, Ryan Reid, and Elena Lynch to give their expert advice on what rookie mistakes to

For Angelie Spencer, Client and Marketing Manager/Designer at Drenna Luna, this will be her third year attending the elegant soirée. She recounts humorously how some guests last year enquired if there was a microwave present so they could heat up their food. “It’s essentially a picnic, so you have to pack foods that won’t require heating up, there are a myriad of things you can do that will be equally filling.” But for those who must have a warm dish Angelie recommends “to use warming containers or bags, and also to remember that a cooler can be used to keep things warm too. Insulated keeps in both the cold and the heat.”

  • Some research on the event, using Google or Pinterest can help take your event from fun to fab! Use blogs featuring your favorite chef, designer, or store for ideas and inspiration for your menu, décor, and fashion.
  • Stick to the rules! The enduring tradition of Le Dîner en Blanc lies partly in its strict adherence to the rules of the event, the dress code and guidelines all serve a purpose and come together to make this one of the most iconic events across the world.
  • Come with an open mind. The night gives you a chance to meet and mingle with people from all over. Make conversation, new friends, and memories to last a lifetime.
  • Don’t be late! Part of the magic of Le Dîner en Blanc lies in its synchronicity, from the arrival time at departure points, to the drop off at the secret location, the waving of the napkins and lighting of the sparklers all have to run like clockwork. There’s no such thing as “fashionably late” here, you don’t want to be the one keeping everyone waiting and miss the excitement.
  • Don’t carry more than you can manage. You may be afraid of running out of food or think you might need more decor but you only have a 2 x 2 space, so if it can’t rest there then you probably shouldn’t bring it.
  • Don’t litter. This is another part of Le Dîner en Blanc tradition and rule, that has ensured the longevity of the event. It has endured because its guests are responsible and respectful of the unique and beautiful setting they are able to enjoy for one night. It is mandatory that when the time has come to leave, you leave the site as clean as it was on arrival.

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